Mechanical float valves with electrical over-ride

PVL are the UK distributors of the Balem range of flow (float) valves, which range in sizes from ½” to 12″. The smallest model in the range is a direct acting valve with a stainless steel float on an actuating arm.

The shut-off ball valve sits in a PTFE bearing which is contained in a brass or stainless steel housing. Thread sizes range from ½” to 2″ BSP with pressure ratings up to 20 bar with the 303 grade stainless steel housing and 10 bar for the brass model. Temperatures can be as high as 110 degrees C and a back-siphon prevention tube is available as an option. The middle-range Combi Model has a shorter actuating arm and operates on the pressure differential principle. This gives high flow rates and provides automatic level control for tanks with an integral adjustable flow feature. Sizes range from 1″ BSP to 3″ BSP with bodies available in cast bronze or stainless steel. The Pistec model is specifically designed for even larger flow rates and can be specified with either an in-line or 90 degree cast iron housing. Because of the larger pipe diameters, the Pistec comes with flanged connections from 2 ½” up to 10″ diameter. The largest model is the Bescon which can be supplied to suit pipe sizes up to a massive 12″ and its stainless steel body is also available for de-ionised water applications as a special option. Like the Pistec, the Bescon can be supplied with a 90 degree (vertical) or in-line body and can work up to 15 bar and 80 degrees C. A special feature of the Bescon range is an electrical over-ride. This means that the float valve can be operated electrically with a manual shut-off safety feature, or be operated manually with an electrical over-ride.

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