Hempel restructures

The third generation of the Hempel family is taking over responsibility. F.W. Hempel & Co. Erze und Metalle (GmbH & Co.) is to become the holding company of the group. Two operating companies will be formed. F.W. Hempel Metallurgical GmbH (formerly Rudolf Schäfer + Co. GmbH & Co.), Düsseldorf, will be headed by Christian P. Hempel. The company will handle all raw material business. F.W. Hempel & Co. Gesellschaft für Spezial- und Rostfrei-Metalle mbH (formerly F.W.H. Erze und Metalle Handels- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH), Oberhausen, will be the operating company as a stockist and service centre for nickel alloys, titanium, stainless steel, sheets, plates, bars, tubes etc. It will be run by André Hempel and Henk J. Ruberg. André Hempel will also run the Hempel Special Metals Group.

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